Thesis defense of Dung Nguyen, June 28, 2018

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, Dung Nguyen will defend his PhD thesis “Order Fulfilment and Consumer Behaviour in Online Retailing”.
This thesis has been supervised by prof.dr. W.E.H. Dullaert, S.L.J.M. de Leeuw and dr. J. de Vries.
The ceremony will take place in the Aula of the Main Building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam at 15:45 hrs.

It is well known that order fulfilment plays an important role in online retailing and helps retailers optimize logistics activities. An understanding of online consumer behaviour would help retailers improve consumer satisfaction, hence increase sales. In modern retailing, making the right order fulfilment decision and at the same time satisfying consumer expectations in fulfilling an online offer are particularly vital to the success of an online business. Still, little is known about the relationship between order fulfilment and online consumer behaviour in the current literature. This topic is addressed in this thesis using different research methodologies, ranging from an extensive literature review to empirical studies with a different research context and a different methodological approach. The findings have practical importance for online retailers and logistics service providers in allocating logistics resources appropriately based on consumer perceptions. They also open up additional avenues for future research in both marketing and operations fields.