PhD award

The Beta PhD Prize is awarded to the PhD student who defended the best PhD thesis of Beta during the past year(s). Up until 2015 the Beta PhD prize was awarded every year. From 2015 onwards, the Beta PhD prize is awarded every two years.

The Beta Board invites all teams of supervisors and co-supervisors to nominate a PhD who defended his/her Beta thesis in the previous year under their supervision. All supervisors are allowed to nominate only 1 PhD and the nomination needs to be accompanied by a letter of recommendation and the written notice of approval by the members of the PhD defense committee. The Beta Board nominates the final finalists, after which the Beta PhD Award declares the final winner.

The selection criteria for the best Beta PhD thesis are:

  • Scientific quality
  • (Scientific) originality
  • Quality of presentation
  • Scientific relevance
  • Societal relevance
Award winners
Maaike Hoogeboom (2021)
Loe Schlicher (2019)
Anna Franceschetti (2017)
Katrin Eling (2015)
Frank Karsten (2014)
Nikky Kortbeek and Bob Walrave (2013)
Peter van de Ven (2012)
Anne Rozinat (2011)
Christian Günther (2010)
Albert Douma (2009)
Ana Karla Alves de Medeiros (2008)
Johan van Leeuwaarden (2006)
Andrei Sleptchenko (2004)