Program Symposium ‘AI for Operations Management’

Friday May 12, Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht

10.20-10.40Opening: AI and Operations Management
EXPO Willem van Jaarsveld, Eindhoven University of Technology
10.40-11.15Impactful Research Opportunities in AI
EXPO Niels Agatz, Scientific Director Dinalog
11.15-11.45Reinforcement Learning for Data-Driven Logistics
EXPO Martijn Mes, University of Twente
11.45-12.30Poster pitches EXPO
12.30-13.20Walking lunch EXPO
13.20-14.10Poster session EXPO
14.10-14.15Moving to parallel sessions
14.15-16.10Parallel session                          EXPO                       Parallel session                    Centrale                     Parallel session                Strikkershuis
14.15-14.50Human-AI Interaction in Supply Chain Decision-Making
Christina Imdahl, Eindhoven University of Technology
Machine Learning for Time Slot Management in e-Grocery Liana van der Hagen & Thomas Visser, Erasmus University Rotterdam & ORTECKick-starting AI Initiatives in a Community of Practice: A Toolbox Developed with 9 Companies Sebastian Piest & Marcel Wouterse, University of Twente & Deltago
15.05-15.35Opportunities and Challenges in Applying Deep Reinforcement Learning to
Support Production-Inventory Planning at ASML
Tijn Fleuren & Maarten Hendrix, Tilburg University & ASML
Trust in AI Recommendations in Supply Chain Planning                                                                         Eirini Spiliotopoulou, Tilburg UniversityCollaborative Picking Guided by DRL – A Collaboration Between Industry and Academia                                                             Kasper Hendriks & Luca Begnardi, Eindhoven University of Technology & Vanderlande
15.35-16.05Integrated Production and Transportation Scheduling in the Compound Feed Industry
Viktor Klein, Equans & Jasper van Doorn, VU Amsterdam/CWI
The Use of OR and AI for Workforce Planning in Call Centers and Health Care     Ger Koole, VU AmsterdamPost Covid Challenges in the Airline Industry and the Role of Demand for AI   Dennis Prak & Ali Poursaeidesfahani, University of Twente & KLM
EXPO Ivo Adan, Scientific Director Beta
16.30-17.30Networking and drinks