Program Beta Symposium 2023

Wednesday 13 December 2023, Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg

09:30 Registration
09:45 Opening by Ivo Adan, scientific director Beta                          
10:00 Plenary talk by Robert Boute (KU Leuven): Smart Logistics
10:45 Break
11:00 Parallel session Parallel session            Parallel session           
11:00Tim de Boer (CWI)
Bed Blocking in Health Care
Dominique van Wonderen (WUR)
Food Substitution by Diet Optimization with Machine Learning  
Fabian Akkerman (UT)
Learning Dynamic Selection and Pricing of Out-of-Home Deliveries
11:30 Robin Buter (UT)
Strategic placement of volunteer responder system defibrillators
Arya Zamal (TU/e)
Integrating First and Last-Mile Logistics in Megacities: Introducing the Two-Echelon Vehicle Routing Problem with Pickups, Deliveries, and Deadlines
Thomas De Lombaert (UHasselt)
The decision conundrum: empowering human operators in warehouse decisions
12.00 Nanne Dieleman (VU)
The road to sustainable emergency logistics
Stijn Loeys (KU Leuven)
Exploring the Benefits of Dynamic Service Contract Pricing based on Sensor Data
Tim Engels (TU/e)
A stochastic analaysis of milkrun systems  
12:30 Lunch

Parallel session                 Parallel session                       Parallel session           
13:30 Simone Balvers (TiU)
Lead Time Optimism: Exploring the Distinct Effects of Lead Time Uncertainty and Review Period Uncertainty on Ordering Behavior
Peter Verleijsdonk (TU/e)
Scalable Real-Time Integrated Learning and Decision Making for Synchronized Systems
Sasan Amini (UHasselt)
Bayesian Design Optimization of Parallel Electric Drivetrain
13:00 Laura Sprenkels (TU/e)
The good stuff: Matching supply and demand by introducing an opaque product: Pricing, learning, fun
Şifanur Celik (TU/e)
Wait or Assign: A Look into Dynamic Time Window Assignment with Stochastic Customers and Travel Times
Mark van der Pas (TU/e)
Using past experience to solve new problems: Case-Based Reasoning for root cause analysis in a distributed manufacturing environment
14:30 Break
15:00 Parallel session                Parallel session                      Parallel session           
15:00 Bas van Oudenhoven (TU/e)
Shifting attention to algorithmic prediction accuracy decreases acceptance of point but not interval predictions
Naim Al Khoury (UGent)
Spare Part Inventory Control in a Condition-Based Maintenance Context: A Proactive Policy
Fabio Mercurio (TU/e)
Cooperative locker location games
15:30 Joris Slootweg (CWI)
Improving Congestion in an Efficient & Robust manner using smart Virtual Queuing at Airport Security
Metehan Dilaver (TU/e)
Integrated Planning of Usage-Based Maintenance and Load Sharing Under Resource Dependence
Giovanni Campuzano (UT)
The drone-assisted variable speed asymmetric traveling salesman problem
16:00 Break
16:15 Plenary talk by Loe Schlicher (TU/e), winner PhD Award 2019: Game theory and homeland security problems
17:00 Pitches nominees PhD Award
Collin Drent
Heletjé van Staden
17:30 Ceremony PhD Award
Presentation by jury chairman Henk Zijm