Informele afstemming in productieorganisaties. Een sociotechnische blik op informatievoorziening

Dissertations Number: D1
Author: Loeffen, J.M.J.
Year: 1997

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The methodology for sociotechnical redesign focuses on the design of organisations in which optimal use is made of human needs and capacities. The foundation for this can be found in sociotechnical theory. The (Dutch) sociotechnical methodology for the design of organisations comprises the design, in consecutive order, of the production structure, the control structure, and the information structure. In the design of the production structure, the basic units of the organisation (technical and organisational) are determined. In the overlapping area between the production structure and the control structure, one can find the exact definition of the organisation units. While designing the control structure the organisation is worked out in more detail, both in terms of the composition of the personnel and in terms of the personnel’s responsibilities. Control capacity and control requirements of the various units within the organisation have to consciously be brought into careful equilibrium. One important focus is the composition of the organisation units, allowing them to regulate as much as possible within their own unit.