Course program

The course work provides the students with state-of-the-art knowledge of their research field and of research methodologies. Each PhD student and his/her supervisor develop an individual course program, within three months after the start. Beta does not specify a standard course program for all students, but leaves considerable freedom to PhD students and their supervisors to select courses that are relevant for thesis research and meet the student’s interests. The PhD student will have to submit the desired course program to the Beta office, following the standardized format, in order to get the course program approved by Beta’s education officer.

Requirements course program for PhD students started before September 1, 2012
Requirements course program for PhD students started after September 1, 2012
Overview relevant courses for Beta PhD students

The course work is completed during the first two years. After completing a course, the PhD student must send a copy of a document declaring the successful completion of the course to the Beta office. After completing the courses and having presented the research project on the Beta Conference, the Executive Board will decide if all the criteria are met before the PhD student will receive the Beta Education Certificate.

As of January 1, 2017, the norms for finalizing an individual education program have changes. All PhD students who joined Beta after January 1, 2017 do not have to complete a specified education course program.